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Achieving the targets... showing utmost commitment desire for improving every second and going beyond expectations is what makes a star performer.

It is because of these star performers that companies all over the world have achieved so much and grown into huge enterprises. It is their commitment and dedication that pushes that company to the path of success. Therefore, we at EFU Life make sure that we properly identify the star performer and encourage the efforts of our sales personnel.


Shahid Mehmood Malik
Executive Business Development Manager

After completing my graduation in IT, I joined EFU Life in October 2010, as a sales consultant under a leadership of Mr. Afzal Siddiqui. With the help of great leadership, I completed target of mini convention of Nepal. It was a first breakthrough for me and eventually after that every year I qualified as MDRT. In the form of friendly and great leadership of our NSD Mr. Mustafa Hussain and my SBM Ms. Ayesha Afzal, I am striving to achieve higher qualification in future. My dream is to be number 1 consultant of EFU Life.


I like to play cricket, travel the world and internet surfing.


Madam Ayesha Afzal and Afzal Siddique are source of encouragement and inspiration for us. They both started their career in this profession and attained high positions and high respect in society with their hard work in a very short time.


EFU Life is a respectable platform where we can dream high and we can achieve high but with consistent and honest efforts.

Shahid Mehmood Malik
Rawalpindi Rawal
EFU Life Assurance Ltd

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