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See your capital appreciate !

Making a sound investment requires good judgment and foresight. As an investor, one of the most important questions you face is: what do you want your investments to achieve for you?

Most investors would like a combination of capital growth and, in an uncertain world, financial security. Many investors are tempted to leave all their investments in fixed interest accounts and/or government securities. However, these types of investments only provide interest with no capital growth. Whilst these investments may seem to offer attractive rates of return, for real capital growth i.e. over and above inflation, it is necessary to have a portion of your investments in asset-backed investments such as shares or other similar assets which have the capacity for both capital growth and rising income.

EFU Life offers you Wealth Builder Plus, the perfect vehicle to achieve your investment goals; maximizing capital growth while catering to your risk appetite.

Additional Benefits

  • Retirement Income
  • Built-in Protection Benefits

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