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Ensuring that your financial commitments are met!

Probably the biggest financial commitment most of us undertake is a house or a business loan.
But how is this loan going to be serviced if the income flow stops or reduces drastically should you die or suffer from a critical illness? Your assets, which you have spent years building up, may have to be sold forcibly to repay your loan.

The EFU Loan Protection Plan, provides a capital sum on death and critical illness, ensuring that your loan is repaid leaving your assets unencumbered.

Main Benefit

  • The plan provides a level of cover which reduces approximately in line with the reduction of loan capital outstanding through the term of the loan. The reduction of the loan capital is dependent on the interest rate payable.
  • You will have facility to choose the level of cover at four different interest rates. This means that you can ensure that on death the cover available will be more or less sufficient to repay the outstanding loan, leaving your home or business unencumbered.
  • High Cover for a Nominal Cost.

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