Capital Growth Bond

An increasing number of investors have discovered that to achieve real capital growth over and above inflation, it is necessary to have a substantial portion of their investments in asset-backed investments such as shares.

But successful investment in equities is not easy. Knowing what to buy and sell, and when, demands experience and expertise and can be extremely time consuming.

The EFU Capital Growth Bond provides the ideal solution. The Bond provides both the investment expertise and the spread of risk through investments across a wide range including equities, government securities and cash deposits.

Security through Spread the money you invest with us will be invested in the EFU Capital Growth Fund. The objective of the Fund is to maximize capital growth whilst reducing the potential risk normally associated with pure equity funds.

Emergency Access

There may be instances when you require access to part of your investment to meet a particular need. The Plan gives you the flexibility to make partial withdrawals and leave the balance of the investment (minimum of Rs. 20, 000) to continue to participate in the performance of the Capital Growth Fund.

Retirement Income

You may need a regular retirement income as opposed to a lump sum under the Bond. The Capital Growth Bond gives you the facility of applying the Cash Value to provide a pension to help you maintain your standard of living in retirement. The income payable (subject to the Company’s minimum) will be dependent on the guaranteed payment period, the value of your investment and your age at the time.

Built-in Protection Benefits

The Bond also provides valuable protection benefits which are automatically built in at no extra cost.

NATURAL DEATH – The death benefit is the bid value of your units or 101% of the original investment net of any withdrawals, whichever is the greater.

ACCIDENTAL DEATH – In case of accidental death, the benefit is the value of your units plus an additional sum equal to the greater of the original investment net of any withdrawals or the value of your units. This benefit is available up to age 60.

For complete details about Capital Growth Bond, please download our product brochure.

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