Accidental & Hospitalization Plan

There is absolutely nothing better then being blessed with good health. However, No one can predict the future.

What would happen to you if you suffered an accident or had to be hospitalized?

The likelihood is that you and your dependants would be adversely affected.

EFU’s Accident & Hospitalization Plan will help guarantee your financial well being. The Plan will pay out cash on death, disablement or prolonged absence from work as a result of an accident or hospitalization due to an accident.

The Plan provides a comprehensive range of benefits from which you can choose. You can also tailor the level of payments to your needs by being able to choose up to 10 Units of Benefits.


With this plan, you can guarantee that your family receives a substantial lump sum on your accidental death to help them maintain their standard of living.

Double Indemnity

If death occurs as a result of an accident whilst you are traveling as a fare-paying passenger on a licensed public conveyance or on a commercial airline, that standard lump sum payment is doubled.

Permanent Partial Disability

If you become disabled as a result of an accident, cash will be paid to you expressed as a percentage of the Basic Sum Assured Per Unit of Benefit. Please contact the Head Office for details.

Permanent Total Disability

Under this benefit, the cash payment (sum assured) will be made after 6 consecutive months of total disability, which means inability to engage in any occupation for which you are reasonably qualified for by education, training or experience.


In addition to the basic benefits included in each unit you can add the following two benefits to enhance your cover.

Accidental Disability Income

This benefit will help you replace part of your lost income by providing a monthly income so that you can continue to meet your basic commitments.

Accident & Sickness In-Hospital Income

This benefit provides a fixed daily cash amount which will be paid directly to you even if the medical expenses are paid for by your employer.

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