EFU Star Performer

EFU Star Performer – Nov 2012

Parkash Lal A- Moolchandani

Executive Senior Business Manager

h5 class=”listing_heading”>ME AND EFU LIFE:

Thanks to Almighty Allah as I have completed my 10 years in EFU Life Assurance and became Executive Senior Business Manager. I am also a life time member for MDRT as I have been successful in qualifying for the 10 years criteria. I would like to thank my managers Mr. Zia ul Hassan Malik and Mr. Ayoob Khan for their support and motivation, < < without which I wouldn't have been able to achieve these career mile stones. h5 class="listing_heading">MY HOBBIES AND INTERESTS:

I am a strong believer of Human Welfare and an active participator for social work; for this I have joined various welfare trusts and social forums including Pakistan Hindu Council and Statsang Nishkam Shiva.

h5 class=”listing_heading”>MY MOTIVATION:

I am highly inspired by our Company’s ex Chairman Mr. Saifuddin N Zoomkawala and our Managing Director Mr. Taher G. Sachak, < < whose personality and leadership qualities made me capable for achieving my goals for all Overseas Conventions, < < MDRTS, < < Mini Conventions and Annual Sales Conferences of our Company h5 class="listing_heading">MY MESSAGE:

In order to become successful in our profession one should always remain happy and work with consistency, < < sincerity & honesty. We should at all times be willing to work with targeted efforts to become the STAR PERFORMER of the Company Best Wishes Parkash Lal A- Moolchandani EFU LIFE Assurance Ltd. Karachi Karsaz Mobile# 0332-8266089

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