EFU Star Performer

EFU Star Performer – Nov 2012

Parkash Lal A- Moolchandani

Executive Senior Business Manager

h5 class=”listing_heading”>ME AND EFU LIFE:

Thanks to Almighty Allah as I have completed my 10 years in EFU Life Assurance and became Executive Senior Business Manager. I am also a life time member for MDRT as I have been successful in qualifying for the 10 years criteria. I would like to thank my managers Mr. Zia ul Hassan Malik and Mr. Ayoob Khan for their support and motivation, without which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these career mile stones.

h5 class=”listing_heading”>MY HOBBIES AND INTERESTS:

I am a strong believer of Human Welfare and an active participator for social work; for this I have joined various welfare trusts and social forums including Pakistan Hindu Council and Statsang Nishkam Shiva.

h5 class=”listing_heading”>MY MOTIVATION:

I am highly inspired by our Company’s ex Chairman Mr. Saifuddin N Zoomkawala and our Managing Director Mr. Taher G. Sachak, whose personality and leadership qualities made me capable for achieving my goals for all Overseas Conventions, MDRTS, Mini Conventions and Annual Sales Conferences of our Company

h5 class=”listing_heading”>MY MESSAGE:

In order to become successful in our profession one should always remain happy and work with consistency, sincerity & honesty. We should at all times be willing to work with targeted efforts to become the STAR PERFORMER of the Company

Best Wishes

Parkash Lal A- Moolchandani
EFU LIFE Assurance Ltd.
Karachi Karsaz
Mobile# 0332-8266089

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