EFU Star Performer

EFU Star Performer – May 2017

Jahangir Ali

I joined EFU Life Assurance Ltd. in October 1997 & now I am working as an Executive Senior Business Manager. I have attended company conferences, overseas conventions, as a MDRT member I have attended MDRT meetings in many countries including USA. I joined EFU Life because I like to meetwith people who havedifferent thoughts and professions and EFU Life gave me respect, reward and recognition.I trulybelieve and feel blessed that I represent the best insurance company with best insurance products available in Pakistan.I always try to meet people who are interested in their future and future of their loved ones and work with them to identify problems and find solutions that are tailored to their needs andI try my best to provide exceptional services to my clients.


I love travelling and spending quality time with my family and enjoy with them.


My father is an inspiration for me. He has cultivated the important values of honesty, humility, hard work and respect for others in me. My father taught me that anything can be achieved with aperseverance and positive attitude. My father is the hero of my life, even though he is no more in this world, I feel he is still with me guiding, motivating and protecting me with his love and care.
Life insurance profession is a service to humanity and every one should contribute towards the wellbeing of our society. We give clients the opportunities to keep their money which works effectively for them and loved ones.


Life insurance business is a very challenging and rewarding for those who are sincere, honest and willing to make their dreams come true. To be on the top you are required to lead a disciplined life, consistency, have a positive mental attitude.Accept the challenges, never give up and your destination would be over the skies.

Jahangir Ali
Executive Senior Business Manager
Karachi Faisal Branch
CELL: 0333 3384219
EMAI: jahangirali@sales.efulife.com

EFU LIFE Assurance Ltd

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